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The Story

After her accident, doctors told Swapna Komarraju that she might never dance again. But, a year later she got back on her feet, determined to achieve her dream of becoming a professional dancer. For Swapna, living a life without dance is not living.

After mastering Classical dance in India, Swapna married and moved to Tampa, FL with her husband. As an Asian-Indian immigrant, coming to the United States meant an opportunity to expand her repertoire past the native and traditional. When her passion for learning inspired her to teach, Swapna opened the Srishti Dance Academy, where American students study unique choreographies made rich by a global knowledge of dance.

The Project

Visualizing Florida is a finalist for ONA’s 2012 Online Journalism Award in the student feature category!

Visualizing Florida puts a human face on statistical data. Our stories are based on trends and numbers that decision makers use to analyze Florida’s changing demographics, but through visualizing and personalizing this numerical information, we introduce you to the residents behind the numbers and help you interpret what the data actually means.


Camera and Sound by Kathryn Rende
Edited by Kathryn Rende
Interview by Kathryn Rende
Infographic by Jing Mao