The Backwater

The Backwater

Glynn County, Georgia is considered to be one of the most polluted zipcodes in the country. But, it is also one of the most heavily-visited tourist areas in the state. One side of Glynn looks like the glossy cover of a Southern travel magazine. The other is a backwater where neighborhood wells are closed due to toxic contamination and chemical companies stand accused by environmental watchdogs of making back-room deals and using bad science to avoid responsibility. Subsistence fishermen put themselves at risk of poisoning in order to keep food on their tables. And commercial fishermen, once an integral part of a thriving seafood economy, are a dying breed. “The Backwater,” is a multimedia examination of industrial negligence in an environmental justice community completed as my Master’s thesis project.

INDY Week: Oak City Cycling Project

Winners of the 2014 Indy Week Best of the Triangle Award, Oak City Cycling Project in Raleigh is a different kind of bike shop. Not only can they help you purchase a new or used bike, but they will also teach you how to maintain it. Huge supporters of the local community, OCCP also hosts public rides, races, maintenance classes and other community events.

National Geographic: The Future of Food

By 2050, Earth will likely be home to more than nine billion people. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. In a special eight-month series, “The Future of Food,” National Geographic investigates how to meet our growing need for nourishment without harming the planet that sustains us.

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